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Girardi & Keese Law

For over four decades, the law firm of Girardi & Keese has been providing aggressive representation of individuals and businesses that have been seriously injured, whether by physical harm, property damage, or damage to economic interests. Our team of experienced trial lawyers have dedicated their careers to ensuring that people and companies that commit wrongful conduct are held accountable for their actions. In doing so, Girardi & Keese has gained a reputation for performing the highest quality legal work for our clients.

O'Reilly & Danko, a plaintiff's trial law firm

The Plaintiff's Trial Law Firm of O'Reilly & Danko represents clients in all areas of tort law. We specialize in personal injury civil litigation: aviation disasters - a primary area of our practice, product liability, and motor vehicle and other accidents of a catastrophic nature. In addition, we have substantial experience in complex business litigation cases. Our Goal as a Firm is to maximize verdict potential for every client we represent. We believe a small group of experienced attorneys, working on a select number of cases, provides the dedication, focus, and skill necessary to accomplish this goal; we feel the Firm's record of multi-million dollar verdicts confirms this belief. O'Reilly & Danko has the capacity to fund any legal battle. We are experienced, dedicated, and ready to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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